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Terri Favro writes novels, creative non-fiction essays and short stories. Her novella, The Proxy Bride, was published in 2012. Most recently, her work appears in Clockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction, published by Exile Books in 2016. Her upcoming novels are Sputnik’s Children (ECW) and Once Upon A Time in West Toronto (Inanna) in 2017. She also collaborates with artist Ron Edding on the Bella comics and graphic novels (Grey Border Books). Terri is represented by Kris Rothstein of the Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency.

11 Infrequently-Asked Questions About…

Terri Favro

1. Who is this ‘Terri Favro’ of whom you speak?1

Terri FavroGreetings, anonymous Internet interlocutor. Let’s keep things simple and stick to the first person, shall we? Thank you.

I write novels, essays and short stories. I’m a storyteller. I co-create comic books and graphic novels with my partner, Ron Edding. But most people know me as a copywriter.

2. What the hell is a copywriter?

Look around you. See that billboard? That pop-up ad? Maybe something that shows up in your mailbox? Those ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sites, like this one? That’s copy. Someone has to write that stuff.

3. You’re kidding. That’s actually a thing?

Did you think the words just magically appeared on their own, bub? Writing copy (and its sister craft, content) is a tough, skillful job that involves sitting around in prim dresses, knocking back martinis with sexist art directors2, whilst thinking up snappy headlines. If you want to know more, feel free to visit for more about Terri Favro Copy and Content. In this space, we’re talking about my literary writing.

4. Okay, so talk. What have you written (that I’ve heard of)?

The Proxy Bride book coverIn 2012, my novella, The Proxy Bride, was published by Quattro Books after winning the Ken Klonsky Quattro Novella Award.2

It didn’t make me rich or famous, but I did receive good reviews. Room magazine said: “The details in this novel are so meticulous, so absolutely delicious: small chunks of lovely visual candy are sprinkled throughout. Favro’s writing is reminiscent of Hubert Selby Jr., a master of brutal casual crime and violence. She clearly possesses a stunning ability to mix seemingly random details with pop cultural and historical references, effectively defining a specific time and place. Watch out for Favro’s future work: I certainly will be.”

5. Seriously? Novellas are a thing?

Grow up. It just means ‘short novel’

6. Point taken, but what have you written lately?

Clockwork Canada book coverI have a short story in a new anthology, CLOCKWORK CANADA: STEAMPUNK FICTION called “Let Slip The Sluice-Gates of War, Hydro-Girl”.

Lightspeed Magazine said, “…my favourite of the whole is Terri Favro’s “Let Slip the Sluicegates of War, Hydro-Girl,” which sets out to do roughly a million things and pulls them all off—not least of which is tearing down the image of a beloved Canadian icon and rebuilding it into something very, very different.”

And I was (ahem) commissioned by CBC Books to write a non-fiction story for a new podcast ALL TOLD: TRUE STORIES FROM THE TRUE NORTH. It’ll be available for your listening pleasure later in 2016.

Two of my non-fiction essays were published this year too –– Hemingway’s Bird in the Humber Literary Review and How To Draw A Man in Untethered.

7. What’s next for Terri Favro?

cover of Bella the Loyalist HeroineIn spring 2017, the good folks at ECW Books are publishing my novel, Sputnik’s Children.

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And in fall 2017, a sequel to The Proxy Bride is coming out from Inanna Books called Once Upon A Time In West Toronto.

And Grey Border Books is bringing out a giant combo digest size version of the Bella comics – with a new full-length graphic novel called Facer Street due out in 2017.

Also, Broken Pencil fiction editor A.G. Pasquella and I are co-editing PAC’N HEAT, a collection of short fiction and poetry about everyone’s favourite video game personality, written in a noir voice. Coming soon from AGP Books.

8. I still have no idea who you are, Terri Favro. How do I know you’re not just a meme or clickbait or a bot or something?

You can be guaranteed that I’m “real” because I was shortlisted for the 2013 CBC Literary Prize in Creative Fiction. The CBC does not shortlist memes, my friend. They do not have truck with clickbait masquerading as wordsmiths.

Not yet, anyway. The future is a murky glass of spit, when it comes to writing. Even more so, when it comes to bots. (I’m working on a book about that very topic.)

9. What’s your favourite colour, Terri Favro?

Green. Yes, it’s the colour of money. It’s also nature’s favorite hue. So stop assuming I’m just in the Canadian literary racket for the big bucks.4

10. What are you working on now?

I’m working on a non-fiction book about my generation’s relationship with robots and a novel or novella-length version of the Steampunk story in CLOCKWORK CANADA. Oh, and collaborating on another graphic novel with a true crime twist.

11. Do you have any bad habits you’d care to discuss?

Martinis and online word games.

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Legal boilerplate I strongly recommend you read:

1 Actually, this question is frequently asked.

2  My book was the co-winner of the 2012 award along with The Lebanese Dishwasher by Sonia Saikaley,

3 With the exception of Chris Caswell Design, of course. No sexist(s) on staff there. Why? Because it’s 2016.

4 In case you didn’t get it, this is a joke.

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