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Terri Favro

Fiction and Truth


Terri Favro is a novelist, non-fiction writer, essayist, comic book collaborator and copywriter. Originally from the Niagara region of southern Ontario, she now makes her home in Toronto, Canada. Terri likes to write about the Cold War, space travel, superheroes, winemaking, good and evil, passion, deception, alternate histories, flawed heroes, Italians, and robots.

Terri is represented by the Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency.

Photo credit: Ayelet Tsabari

Books by Terri Favro


Generation Robot: A Century of Science Fiction, Fact, and Speculation

(Skyhorse Publishing, 2018)

“What Favro is saying, in prose that is lively and even (in places) tinged with an appealing aura of childlike gosh-wow, is this: for people of her generation, growing up with robots and artificial intelligence didn’t just mean growing up reading about those things in books; it meant watching the world’s most brilliant minds taking other people’s wild ideas and making them real. Favro makes us see and appreciate that it really has been a fantastic voyage. A wonderful book for the SF geek who lurks in all of us.” –– Booklist (Starred Review)


Sputnik’s Children

(ECW, 2017)

CBC Books Best Canadian Fiction of  2017: Top 10

Globe & Mail Top 100 Books, 2017
“Beneath the taut, fun storyline of Sputnik’s Children is a sharp social commentary.”

Quill & Quire Best Books of 2017
“An impressive high wire act that is also a cracking good story.”


Sputnik’s Children: A Novel

Once Upon a Time in West Toronto

(Inanna, 2017)

“Favro is a lovely writer, a strong storyteller and has her fingers on the pulse of Toronto’s Italian community over six decades.” – Toronto Star

The Proxy Bride

(Quattro, 2012)

The Proxy Bride book coverKen Klonsky Quattro Novella Award Winner

The details in this novel are so meticulous, so absolutely delicious: small chunks of lovely visual candy are sprinkled throughout. Favro’s writing is reminiscent of Hubert Selby Jr., a master of brutal casual crime and violence. She clearly possesses a stunning ability to mix seemingly random details with pop cultural and historical references, effectively defining a specific time and place.” – Room


Graphic Novels

in collaboration with Ron Edding, published by Grey Borders Books

Bella and the Facer Street Gang (2017)

Waiting For Mario Puzo (2013)

Bella and the Loyalist Heroine (2012)


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