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Praise for The Sisters Sputnik

“Together, the Sisters Sputnik are the badassest kickass duo since Tank Girl and Jet Girl. If you like your speculative fiction sardonic, weird, sprightly and intelligent, you will love this splendid book.”

– Candas Jane Dorsey, author of Black Wine and Ice and Other Stories

“Terri Favro’s writing hums with otherworldly power. How lucky we are to exist at the same time, on the same planet, as this book. The Sisters Sputnik is pure delight.”

– Paul Vermeersch, author of Shared Universe: New and Selected Poems 1995–2020

“A rollicking, wild adventure of a book.”

– Amanda Leduc, author of The Centaur’s Wife

“Destined to become a sci-fi, pop culture classic, The Sisters Sputnik is sassy, smart, funny and sharp. . . . Terri Favro is sci-fi’s Douglas Coupland, chronicling our lives with a keen eye and taking the reader on a fabulous journey.”

– Lisa de Nikolits, author of The Rage Room

“A worthy sequel to Sputnik’s Children, this new installment is like your favourite comic book brought to life in prose.”

- Mark Sampson, author of All the Animals on Earth, The Slip and Sad Peninsula

Praise for Sputnik's Children

“It is a book so full of feeling, I thought that my heart would explode as I read it. I loved it. It comes with humour, insight, and Cold War nostalgia as well. It’s a really great novel.”

- CBC’s Ontario Morning

“A noodle-bending literary sci-fi novel that puts its hero in the box with Schrödinger’s cat.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“Funny, touching, genre-bending, and one-of-a-kind, this is an exuberant romp of a novel that is nonetheless unafraid of serious subjects.”

- Publishers Weekly


“You’ll love weaving your way through Debbie’s lorazepam and martini-induced memories in this genre-bending ode to the unreliable narrator, with a touch of Cold War–era nostalgia thrown in for good measure.”

- Canadian Living


“Sputnik Chick’s origin story is fun — a twist on pop culture and Cold War nostalgia, well paced with zero slack . . . Debbie is the girl with no past — a tragic fate; but for a character, an interesting place to start.”

- Globe and Mail


"Sputnik’s Children is one of those rare novels that starts out as one thing, and ends up being something else altogether — an impressive high-wire act that is also a cracking good story.”

- Quill & Quire

In the media: The Sisters Sputnik

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