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"So, what books have you written, Terri?"


Sputnik's Children REV cover high res RG
Sputnik's Children


 Published by ECW Press, Toronto


A Globe & Mail 100 Best Books selection, CBC Books Top 10 book,  Quill & Quire Best Book of 2017, and a shortlisted finalist for the Sunburst Award for Excellence  in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic.​

"An arresting debut...a noodle-bending literary sci-fi novel that puts its hero in the box with Schrodinger's cat." – KIrkus Reviews

"Funny, touching, genre-bending, and one-of-a-kind, this is an exuberant romp of a novel that is nonetheless unafraid of serious subjects" – Publisher's Weekly

“It is a book so full of feeling, I thought that my heart would explode as I read it. I loved it. It comes with humour, insight, and cold war nostalgia as well. It’s a really great novel.” — CBC Radio 1 Ontario Morning

“Sputnik Chick’s origin story is fun – a twist on pop culture and Cold War nostalgia, well paced with zero slack . . . Debbie is the girl with no past – a tragic fate; but for a character, an interesting place to start.” — Globe & Mail

“An audacious experiment in unreliable narration . . .Sputnik’s Children is one of those rare novels that starts out as one thing, and ends up being something else altogether – an impressive high-wire act that is also a cracking good story.” –

Quill & Quire

Generation Robot.jpg
Generation Robot: A Century of Science Fiction, Fact, and Speculation

ISBN: 978-1-5107-2310-8

Skyhorse Publishing, New York, NY


"What Favro is saying, in prose that is lively and even (in places) tinged with an appealing aura of childlike gosh-wow, is this: for people of her generation, growing up with robots and artificial intelligence didn’t just mean growing up reading about those things in books; it meant watching the world’s most brilliant minds taking other people’s wild ideas and making them real. Favro makes us see and appreciate that it really has been a fantastic voyage. A wonderful book for the SF geek who lurks in all of us."-Booklist, Starred Review

"Generation Robot offers a new perspective on how people’s relationships with robotics and futuristic technologies have shifted over time, letting readers ponder the way techno-triumphs and resulting anxieties bleed into fantasies of our collective culture."--Publishers Weekly

"An interesting and funny book about the intersection of science fiction and reality... Favro blends memoir, tech reporting, and even a bit of science fiction to look at where robots have come from, and where they could be going in the coming decades.”-


"An incredibly entertaining journey through what is shaping up to be the age of the robot." - Daniel H. Wilson, bestselling author of Robopacalypse

"A breezy, highly readable overview of robots in fact and ficton from the middle of the past cnetury to the middle of this one." - Peter Watts, author of Blindside

Once Upon A Time In West Toronto

ISBN: 978-1-77133-417-4

"A hip, original take on the immigrant story, as well as a satisfying love story. Terri Favro's witty, supple prose is a discovery and a delight." - Caterina Edwards, author of The Sicilian Wife

"Favro is a lovely writer, a strong storyteller and has her fingers on the pulse of Toronto’s Italian community over six decades." - Toronto Star

"It is challenging to express just how skillfully Ms Favro has spun this story, keeping all the prime characters and places in perfect balance so that Once Upon a Time in West Toronto has a genuine holistic feel to it, complete in itself. There's nothing that leaves you feeling that parts of the whole are left suspended in the air, forgotten about. Part opera buffa and part opera seria, Once Upon a Time in West Toronto contains smiles and sadness, triumphs and tragedies as Ms Favro's heroes (flawed, but very likeable) carve out a life in Toronto in the simpler times of the 1970's. A five-star effort and a recommended read." - The Miramichi Reader

The Proxy Bride

ISBN: 978-1-927443-06-4

Quattro Books, Toronto


Co-winner of the 2012 Ken Klonsky Novella Contest

"With a deceptively simple style, Terri Favro weaves a complex story of post-war Italian immigrants whose very presence is helping to transform the new world they're trying to settle into. In turns funny and heartbreaking, ironic and passionate, The Proxy Bride is an engrossing read." – David Layton, author of Motion Sickness and The Bird Factory

Facer Street cover-8.5x11-7-06.jpg

Bella and The Facer Street Gang

ISBN: 978-1-897180-93-8

Grey Borders Books, Niagara Falls, Canada


Graphic Novel: Written by Terri Favro, Drawn by Ron Edding


"Peppered with humour, this story's got it all - insights into family dynamics, the trials of being young, the trials of being old, the ache to leave the small town you grew up in, the sense of your life travels being over. Watch for hilarious lion tamer artwork, religious iconography and the apperance of wide-eyed cats in Ron Edding's vivid artwork whil Terri Favro keeps the wisecracks snappy." - Lisa de Nikolits, Author of No Fury Like That

Bella double issue cover-d.jpg

Bella Double Issue:

Bella and The Loyalist Heroine 


Waiting For Mario Puzo

SBN: 978-1-897180-74-7

Grey Borders Books, Niagara Falls, Canada


Graphic Novel: Written by Terri Favro, Drawn by Ron Edding

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